Do you know Difference Between Microsoft M365 vs O365?

Microsoft has announced two plans: {Microsoft M365 vs O365} Microsoft 365 (M365) and Office 365 (O365). Various cloud productivity services that are well-known across the world are among them. They’re especially handy for service providers that want to move their clients’ operations to the cloud. There are various variations between the two designs that may help a user decide which one to work on.

Microsoft M365 vs O365

Microsoft M365 vs O365

The key distinction between Microsoft M365 and Microsoft O365 is that M365 is a cloud productivity package that includes typical Microsoft Office programmes as well as EMS and Windows 10. O365, on the other hand, is an older version of the product bundle that only includes standard apps like Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

There’s a lot of confusion between the two titles, especially when Microsoft 365 is effectively a new moniker for Office 365. M365, on the other hand, has a number of advantages over Office 365, including compatibility for Windows 10, cloud-based security, entrepreneurial licences, and other device management tools.

O365, on the other hand, simply provides basic Microsoft programmes with no further functionality. The subscription does, however, offer hosted Microsoft Exchange, which provides a layer of protection. Compatibility with independent apps such as Project is possible thanks to the add-on functionality. The suite is also divided into two sections: O365 Enterprise and O365 Business.

Microsoft Office 365 (M365) and Office 365 (O365) Comparison Table

Comparison ParametersMicrosoft M365Microsoft O365
LaunchM365 was launched in April 2020.O365 was launched in June 2011.
ServicesIt’s a package that contains Office 365 as well as other services.It’s a cloud productivity package that includes Microsoft’s most basic programmes.
FeaturesSupport for Windows 10, machine learning, EMS, and many more capabilities are included.The package does not contain any of M365’s extra features.
CategoriesM365 Business, M365 Enterprise, and M365 Education are the three categories.It comes in two flavours: O365 Enterprise and O365 Business.
PriceIt is more expensive than the latter.It is cheaper than the former.


Microsoft has released two products, M365 and O365. O365 is one of the features and services included in M365. M365 differs from Office 365 in that it includes extra capabilities like as support for Windows 10, machine learning, and EMS, among others. O365, on the other hand, only includes standard Microsoft programmes.

Furthermore, although M365 is split into three categories, O365 is simply split into two. M365 is aimed at a broader audience, including the education sector, whereas O365 was designed only for businesses. Because M365 offers a substantially bigger service catalogue, it is significantly more costly than O365. It’s worth noting that M365 was once known as O365. This was completed in the year 2020. O365, on the other hand, debuted in 2011 far earlier than the former.

Due to their beneficial features, both items are quite popular in the market. The application is used by people all around the world to improve their working ways.

Do you know Difference Between Microsoft M365 vs O365?

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