A Deep Dive into Microsoft Viva Glint: Understanding Employee Voices

Microsoft Viva Glint

In today’s fast-paced work world, keeping people interested and motivated is critical to organizational success. Microsoft Viva Glint emerges as an effective tool for firms looking to better understand their workforce. This employee experience platform promotes a “voice of the employee” culture, allowing firms to gather important input and turn it into actionable insights for growth.

What is Microsoft Viva Glint?

Viva Glint is a key component of the Microsoft Viva suite, meant to improve the entire work experience. It operates as a people-centric platform, providing a clear picture of employee engagement levels and advising employers on how to effectively use input for positive transformation.

Core Functionalities of Microsoft Viva Glint

  • Employee Engagement Measurement: Viva Glint has a thorough survey system to evaluate employee feedback about many areas of their workplace experience. These surveys may be repeated, allowing for trend analysis and the identification of areas that require attention. In addition, customized subject templates and ad-hoc surveys address specialized demands and real-time scenarios.
  • Actionable Insights: Viva Glint goes beyond data collection. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze survey responses and employee comments, providing actionable insights. These insights illuminate strengths, weaknesses, potential risks, and emerging trends within the organization.
  • Holistic Employee View: When paired with Microsoft Viva Insights, which provides behavioral data on employee work habits, Viva Glint produces a more complete picture. This holistic picture enables executives to understand not just how their people feel, but also how they operate, resulting in more successful transformation plans.
  • Driving Action and Tracking Progress: Viva Glint doesn’t stop at insights. It empowers leaders and managers to translate findings into action plans. These plans, tailored to address specific team or organizational needs, promote continuous improvement. The platform allows for progress tracking, ensuring accountability and demonstrating the value of employee feedback.

Benefits of Utilizing Microsoft Viva Glint

  • Improved Employee Engagement: Organizations may greatly increase employee engagement by actively listening to their views and cultivating a feedback culture. This leads to improved motivation, productivity, and loyalty.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Data-driven insights from Viva Glint empower leaders to make informed decisions regarding employee experience initiatives, talent management strategies, and overall organizational development.
  • Reduced Turnover: A positive and engaged workforce is less likely to seek employment elsewhere. Viva Glint helps organizations identify factors contributing to potential turnover and allows for proactive measures to retain valuable talent.
  • Stronger Employer Branding: By demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being and a desire for continuous improvement, organizations can solidify their employer brand, attracting top talent in a competitive market.

Improved Customer Experience: Engaged staff are more likely to provide excellent customer service. Viva Glint’s excellent work atmosphere might indirectly lead to a better customer experience.

Who Can Benefit from Microsoft Viva Glint?

Viva Glint offers a valuable solution for organizations of all sizes and across various industries. Here’s a closer look at how different stakeholders can leverage the platform:

  • Leaders and Managers: Gain insights into team dynamics, identify areas for improvement, and track progress on implemented action plans.
  • Human Resources (HR): Develop targeted employee experience initiatives, improve talent management strategies, and gather data to support evidence-based decision-making.
  • Employees: Have a voice in shaping their work environment and feel valued by the organization.

A Deep Dive into Microsoft Viva Glint: Understanding Employee Voices

Getting Started with Microsoft Viva Glint

Implementing Viva Glint is a straightforward process. Here’s a basic outline:

  1. Subscription and Integration: Organizations can subscribe to Viva Glint and integrate it seamlessly with existing Microsoft 365 tools.
  2. Survey Design and Deployment: HR or designated teams can design surveys tailored to specific needs and goals. These surveys can be recurring, ad-hoc, or utilize pre-built templates.
  3. Data Collection and Analysis: Employees can conveniently access and respond to surveys through familiar Microsoft interfaces. Viva Glint then collects and analyzes the data, providing insights and reports.
  4. Action Planning and Implementation: Leaders and managers translate insights into concrete action plans, outlining steps to address identified concerns and improve employee experience.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Viva Glint facilitates a cycle of continuous improvement, allowing organizations to measure the impact of actions and refine strategies for ongoing employee engagement.

A Deep Dive into Microsoft Viva Glint: Understanding Employee Voices

Microsoft Viva Glint Licensing

There are two major considerations for Viva Glint licensing:

1-Subscription Options: Viva Glint is not a standalone product. You need to subscribe to one of the following

-Microsoft Viva Suite contains Viva Glint, Viva Topics, Viva Learning, Viva Insights, and Viva Goals.

-Viva Glint licensing: This is a different licensing option for businesses who just require Viva Glint but not the other Viva components.

2-There is a minimum user need for activating Viva Glint. The actual quantity might vary based on your area and licensing partner, but it is usually about 100 active licenses.

Microsoft Viva Pricing: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-viva/pricing


Microsoft Viva Glint enables employers to listen to their workers, understand their needs, and take action to foster a more happy and productive workplace. By encouraging a culture of feedback and data-driven decision-making, Viva Glint becomes a significant driver of employee engagement, talent retention, and overall organizational performance.

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